Trust a Professional With Your Wood Floor Repairs

Get high-quality service from our team in Castle Rock & Centennial, CO

When you invest in beautiful hardwood floors, one scratch can make your stomach drop in disappointment. Instead of fretting over minor damage, rely on Lee's Floor Service, LLC for wood floor repairs. We work with property owners throughout the Castle Rock & Centennial, CO area.

For more information about our residential or commercial wood floor repairs, reach out to our team today. We're happy to walk you through the process.

Say goodbye to flooring imperfections

Over the years, your floors will go through a lot. Leftover imperfections can be distracting, which is why we offer wood floor repairs for local property owners.

We can remove...

  • Scratches from pets, kids or vacuums
  • Dents from dropping dishware or heavy items
  • Scuffs from moving furniture through the home


We'll do whatever is necessary to solve the problem. This includes replacing specific panels, sanding surfaces and recoating your floors. Plus, we'll color-match your current floors for a seamless appearance.

Whether you need a residential or commercial wood floor repair, we've got you covered. Schedule service with us today.


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